Thursday, July 3, 2014


UPDATED 7-7-14
Production for the Design 4 Lowell Magazine is being pushed back due to last minute changes in editorial and design efforts. We are working around the clock to make this a great publication and now are unveiling the world wide premier of the final cover (WE PROMISE!!) If you are a marketing partner, please scroll down to read our updated rules and regulations. The final list of marketing partners for the launch magazine includes:

The Owl Stamp Visual Solutions
Image Lucidity
Christian Hill Studios
Howie Snyder
Kate Delaney
Candice Oxnard
Ron Weed
Uncharted Studios
Brian Hogue
Market Street Market
Zeitgeist Gallery
TreMonte Pizzeria
Mills42 Federal Credit Union
Mill City Web Design

Marketing Terms and Conditions:
Advertising in our publication will not guarantee you a job. However, with 1000 premium copies x 2.5 pass along rate, your brand could be in the hands of over 2,500 potential clients. Any jobs where the client connects and hires you for a job is a great return on your marketing dollars. If we call from Christian Hill Studios and include your services in one of our marketing packages, either you the creative, or the client will be responsible for paying a 19% management fee (if applicable. Based entirely on contract with our client and will not apply to every job.) 

Every paid partner will receive 10 complimentary copies of the magazine. Non paying marketing clients can receive a complimentary copy or purchase up to 25 copies. The Best of Lowell Award Winners will all receive a complimentary copy and can purchase up to 25 copies for sale at their location. The rest of the copies will be directly delivered to businesses in Lowell, Chelmsford, Andovers, and some in Boston. 

Sales of advertising spots are final and non-refundable. Proofs will be sent to all represented members for approval and we are not responsible for ads that may contain any incorrect information after final approvals. We will however do our best to make sure THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN. 

In closing, a word to the design community... When you walk through the downtown, and you see a business that looks like it could use your services, it's because they do. It's our job now to transform Lowell and we plan on doing that by providing top level marketing services with the ability to meet any budget. We can't do it alone though. Every can design for Lowell. And we are always working on creative projects in the lab so you may get a call to come in. Your duty, as an agent of design justice could end up in collaborative projects that build economic growth. Together we can design a more beautiful future! 

Email Cam at with any questions or call at 978-697-2250. Our new downtown office allows us to meet at more convenient locations if needed. Thanks everyone!

Cam Preciado
Creative Director, Christian Hill Studios /

Monday, June 2, 2014


Whenever we find a good free font, we will make sure to share it. Like this one which comes to us from Spanish designer Benito Ruiz and is free to download here. Free for personal and commercial use too!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Yes, this is Lowell Massachusetts, once called the Venice of America. Here is a collection of photos with a loud expression of color to be used as home or office decor or in your digital or marketing work. See purchasing options below:

Photo Purchasing Options
Name of Photo Requested
Enter Your Email or Contact

Venice of America 1. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 2. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 3. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 4. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 5. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 6. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 7. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 8. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 9. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 10. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 11. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 12. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 13. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 14. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 15. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 16. Christian Hill Studios.

Venice of America 17. Christian Hill Studios.

Lowell Canals Hybrids draft 1

Friday, May 30, 2014


Need a photo of Lowell for your project? You want to create some good posters, or maybe just create a community flyer? Here you can purchase one of these for $50, or exclusively for $350.

Email us at DESIGN4LOWELL@GMAIL.COM for more information.

Red River. Christian Hill Studios
Look to the Sky. Christian Hill Studios

Fuse. Christian Hill Studios

Walkways. Christian Hill Studios

Middlesex Street. Christian Hill Studios

American Castles. Christian Hill Studios

Mills42 Fereal Credit Union. Christian Hill Studios

The Venice of America. Christian Hill Studios

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


The Social Pup on 34 Jackson Street in Lowell reached out to us for help with their marketing tools. Within 48 hours, they were super happy with these and we threw in complimentary social media starter banners.

Order your marketing materials today, and see how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals. Our hourly rate is $50/hr with a 50% down payment on most projects. Call Cam at 978-697-2250 to set up your free consultation (limited time only!)


Thursday, May 1, 2014


I randomly bumped into a friend's new project on Facebook called Poder (Power in Spanish) Leadership Institute in Lawrence MA. Within a couple hours, we had a brand new, iconic logo that had excellent input from the client, and it all happened over texting over drafts directly. I highly recommend developing a relationship with the client that is comfortable enough to push this form of communication. It saves so much time. More from them as we get it. Until next time...

Monday, April 7, 2014



See the front of our elegant upcoming rack cards! At 4.5 x 12, they will stand out from most marketing materials out there and give our services sales a boost. We are printing 1k to start and will distribute them in Lowell, the Merrimack Valley, and in the Boston and Greater Boston areas. On the back we are reserving marketing spots for our partners in the Design 4 Lowell network. Spots are 4.5 x 2 and are limited to 5 spots priced at $100 each. Email us for details.

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