Friday, August 9, 2013

New Tees & Limited Edition Prints Coming Soon!

Yahweh, I am who I am, Lowell, MALowell, MA - The new tee from Christian Hill Studios is currently under development, but the main stencils have been laser-cut by MHM Studios Printmaking and it's now one giant step closer to production! Spray painted on 100% cotton.

Called the Tetragrammaton (four letters), YHWH is the personal name of the Biblical deity. It was the name God game himself when Moses asks of him. "I am, Who I am" it reads...

Pre-order today, and they will be shipped on September 27th! Every order helps us raise money for the project and to cover costs for our other projects like Design 4 Lowell. Go to our STORE PAGE to purchase this and other cool things from the lab! Now rise up and live. Be who you were created to be... 

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